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About Us


Cedar Creek Retrievers has been raising exceptional Labrador Retrievers since 1990.
Located in Holly Hill, South Carolina.
Our 20 acre farm is about 40 miles west of Historical Charleston SC.
Cedar-Creek Retrievers are placed as Cherished family members, Therapy Dogs, Handicap Assistance, Valued Hunting Companions and Ultimate Sporting Dogs.
We are not a multi-breed kennel.
We are honored that the American Kennel Club has listed us as a Breeder of Merit.
We are also a Certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizens Evaluator.
Cedar Creek Retrievers compete and Title in AKC and UKC sanctioned Obedience, Hunt Tests, Agility, Dock diving, Therapy and Service Work, as well as Loved family companions.

Our labs are never kept in unsanitary conditions or confined to a chain
and we do not expect this kind of treatment for any Cedar-Creek puppy.
We want all of our puppies to have Happy, Healthy, Loving homes.
If a situation occurs, at anytime in your pups life, you find that you can no longer care for your pup, we will gladly accept him/her back to the farm, no questions asked.
Our breeding Labradors have their Hips, Elbows and Heart OFA Certified.
Eyes have also been CERF'd and cleared.
We have also completed additional testing (or cleared by parentage) for
EIC (exercise induced collapse) and CNM (centronuclear myopathy).
We take great pride in our breeding program & do everything in our power to ensure that you have a puppy that is Healthy, Free of Genetic Defects, Pleasing in Appearance and Intelligent with
a Good Attitude for Learning.
All puppies from Cedar-Creek Retrievers are conditionally guaranteed against
Congenital Hip Dysplasia for 26 months & Hereditary Eye Disease for 12 months.
All puppies will have 24 hour Canine Medical Attention from our
Resident Veterinary Technician/Certified Animal Care Specialist.
Cedar-Creek Retrievers LLC is an AKC Registered Labrador Retriever Breeder.
We are family owned and operated.
We dont accept visitors during the whelping and rearing period. The website will be updated at least
once a week for new puppy owners to see pictures of their puppies as they grow.


black litter in front of the fence.jpg

  How Puppies are Raised At Cedar Creek Retrievers

We believe that puppies begin their lives at the moment of conception.

So, from that moment we want our puppies to have the very best we can provide.

Girls that are competitive dogs continue their training throughout pregnancy to maintain their peak mental and physical condition. Some studies show mothers who continue to stay mentally and physically active have offspring that are

healthier with more brain activity. 

So, to ensure enhanced mental ability of our pups we continue regular training, exercise, retrieving and swimming until the day the pups are due.

  Each Cedar Creek mom is attended during whelping.  All puppies are born in our home in a clean, disinfected area padded with clean towels and fleeces. They are on a heating pad and/or under a heat lamp in order to keep the

temperature about 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  

As pups are usually born at night I sit up and offer support and reassurance during birth.  I let the mother do everything herself unless any trouble develops.

As the pups are born I secure (tie off) and cut the umbilical cord and discard the placenta. Each pup is dried by rubbing briskly within seconds after birth to acquaint her/him with the smell and touch of human hands as well as their dam's tongue.

 As soon as the newborn is dried off it is put on the nipple to nurse, as this early colostrum is essential to protect the pup from disease until the immune system matures.  After each couple of pups are born, the towels and fleeces are taken out and replaced with new ones and the mom is offered water and lots of reassurance. We tell her what a great mother she is and that her babies are wonderful,  this reassurance helps her to relax.  We also make sure each puppy is nursing.  When all of the puppies are born we check on them at least every two hours, picking them up and handling them to be sure all is well and to continue the puppies contact with humans. We talk to the puppies and tell them how beautiful, precious and brave they are.  

Every time the mom goes out for bathroom breaks we change the towels and fleeces. Puppies are constantly kept on surfaces with good traction, so they don't slip and slide. This helps to develop good muscle tone and prevents damage to their joints. Some studies have shown that hip problems can start soon after birth if the puppy is kept on slippery surfaces. Our puppies are kept in the center of the family room where they are exposed to all noises of life, phone ringing, pots and pans, dishwasher etc.  

The puppies are sat down on the carpet, couch and tile floor so they experience different textures and heights.

The dewclaws are removed within 5 days of birth, in some cases we do not remove the dewclaw, our discretion.

    The puppies eyes and ears start to open at 14 days, and now they are ready to take on the world, starting with their litter mates. Around 20 days they start to walk around and bark, growl and play with one another.  

      At this time we place several plush and fleece toys in with them to encourage them to play, hold in their mouth and walk over them. We also place toys above their heads to encourage them to look up and explore the world above them, in preparation for looking in the sky for game birds. During this time we continue to pick them up, hug them, kiss them and encourage them to explore!  By the time they are four and a half weeks old, we move them to a larger area that has a sleeping area, a potty area, and a play area.  Pups at this young age can start to learn to be clean in their personal habits, and that there are acceptable places to eliminate (outside), and other areas for eating and sleeping. It is at this time that they start getting regular meals during the day when they are separated from their mother.  Mom still gets night duty, the pups will continue to eat and sleep with their mom for another week. At five weeks old the pups get three meals a day and say goodbye to mom.

      It is time to be on their own. They will be fed Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice Large Breed Puppy Food. This last few days with us is very busy and can be very stressful, so we continue to ensure the pups with a lot of praise and love.  

Weather permitting the pups will spend most of this time outside in different areas.

At this time they see other dogs, horses, humans, cats, ATV's and they hear all the sounds of Cedar Creek, guns firing, duck calls,  barking dogs,  horses and kids playing.  They are taken for walks in the field and out to the pool. They are encouraged to enter the pool on their own in a group (safety in numbers) they usually don't hesitate. 

       The puppies are introduced to a collar, leash and crate conditioning. 

As they grow we get to know each ones personality and aptitude.

This helps me to ensure that you get the right puppy for your household.  

We want you to be completely satisfied with your new family member.  
When you come to pick up your puppy we will explain what health care your puppy has received and what we suggest for the future, what puppy food your puppy is eating and how often, we will talk to you about heart worm preventative and flea control, spay and neuter, treats, toys and training.
We will continue to answer questions for you throughout your puppies life.


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